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New insight into why cancer spreads to the liver

Mar 2019 New findings from the Beatty Lab show how the liver is altered during cancer and inflammation to support cancer cell spread (metastasis) to the liver. The research team found that IL-6 programs hepatocytes, the chief functional cells of the liver, to establish a niche environment that is supportive of cancer metastasis. Their findings were published in Nature.


Energizing the immune system to eat cancer

Jan 2019 New study identifies method of priming macrophages to boost anti-tumor response. The Beatty Lab has found that rewiring macrophage metabolism can overcome immune checkpoint signals mediated by CD47 on tumor cells and rouse macrophages to eat cancer. Their findings were published in Nature Immunology.

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Bringing cancer immunotherapy to pancreatic cancer

JAN 2019 The Abramson Cancer Center to host symposium from April 11-12, 2019 on Immunology and Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer.


Preclinical models for safety assessment of IO drugs

SEPT 2018 FDA-AACR Workshop on non-clinical models for safety assessment of immuno-oncology products. Gregory Beatty MD PhD speaks on the role of syngeneic mouse models.

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Purplestride Philadelphia 2018

SEPT 2018 Gregory Beatty, MD PhD named honorary co-chair for the 2018 Purplestride Philadelphia held on Nov 3, 2018.


Innate immune agonists induce immunity against a “cold” tumor

MAR 2018 Combining two innate immune agonists stimulates productive anti-tumor immunity against an immunologically “cold” tumor without requirement for immune checkpoint blockade.


The underpinnings of liver metastasis

APR 2017 Through a SU2C Innovation Research Grant the Beatty Laboratory is investigating how cancer spreads to the liver and the impact of the liver on cancer therapy.